Friday, September 14, 2012

Where's Your Crockpot?

As a member of the adjunct faculty at the Gillings School of Global Public Health at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (ain’t that a mouthful?) I teach in the nationally-ranked executive masters program.

The workshop I teach is, “Getting It All Done: Time Management for Champions.”

Recently, I told my students that the symbol of getting a graduate degree while working should be a crockpot.

So often we take on activities—or have them thrust upon us—such as seeking a graduate degree, having kids or taking care of a parent and the time commitment is almost overwhelming. Anything you can do to maximize your time (you really can’t save time) is a good thing.

Here’s the question: Where’s your crockpot or slow cooker? If you’re reading this blog on a regular basis I’m pretty sure you lead a busy, stressful life. You’re reading the blog to get tips for making it through your day in a more effective way. Using a crockpot is a simple, effective way to maximize time and make your life easier. There are lots of tools and services that can do the same thing.

Right now I’ve got a pound of hamburger and half a cup of red wine in my slow cooker. I’ll dump a bunch of onions, carrots and celery in with it, pour some barbecue sauce over it and have a great a great meal with a quick salad and some bread tonight.

Drag that old crockpot out and put it to use.

And, if you work for an organization that could use some great time management training zap me an email

Have a great weekend. See you Monday.

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