Monday, September 10, 2012

Your Best Day...Ever?!

If you’re reading this at work ask yourself a simple question: What is the best day you’ve ever had at work?

If your answer is, “I wasn’t here” that would be a vacation day, not a work day.

No kiddin’. What has been your best day, ever, at work?

What were you doing? What happened that made it a great day? Were you working with certain people or by yourself? What were the results of your work? Or, were the results secondary to the process of the work? What were you wearing (was comfort or appearance a key)? How long did you work? Did it feel like work or play?

If you know what made it such a great day why not create that sort of day again?

Why not try to create as many days as possible that include the elements of the great day?

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  1. They wrote a song about it