Friday, October 19, 2012

A Fat Boy at the Fair

Went to the North Carolina State Fair yesterday.

The state fair is an exercise in gluttony and sensory overload. And yes, you have to fight some traffic and some of the people you see make you think, “Holy Moley! Thank God that ain’t me!” and the prizes are cheesy and you bump into folks…but hey, it’s the fair!

Had an ostrich burger, roasted corn, chicken and beef kabob, liver pudding, French fries, fried mushrooms, a falafel and fudge (evidently, the entire “f” foodgroup).

Saw all kinds of people: white, black, red, yellow, green (effects of the various food groups I’m sure), fat, skinny, challenged, old and young.

And yes, when I watched a lot of the crowds I had that feeling of, “How in the name of democracy did we win two world wars and become the greatest nation on Earth?”

Smelled all kinds of fragrances: Sharp, sweet, stinky, dusky, simple and complex.

Did not ride any rides.

Washed our hands in a safety exhibit to see how many germs would be left…I did good…my friend wiped her hands on my shirt.

Heard some great music…musical music…and real life music, the sounds of people and places.

Won a toy throwing darts…needed the help of the vendor to pop one.

Got rained on a little but didn’t melt.

Walked too much.

However, my favorite part of the state fair is seeing the award-winning crafts, foods, animals, toys, and vehicles. I especially like the crafts. Kids win blue ribbons and their parents can say, “Tina won a blue ribbon at the state fair.” It’s something the child will remember the rest of their life.

When I feel the energy and watch the joy on the faces of a lot of the people and see the examples of innovation and industry I understand why we are who we are. I can’t think of anywhere else on Earth I’d rather be.

If you are reading this in North Carolina and haven’t been to the fair you have three more days. If you are in another state and your fair hasn’t happened…go.

See you Monday. Have a great weekened!

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