Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Comfortable Change

“Changes do not always unfold comfortably.”

I read the above quote this morning in my daily devotional and it exploded in my head like a firecracker.

I’m presenting a program about change four times in the next 60 hours. One of the things I’ll be telling people is that we all want change to be comfortable, easy and lasting.

Unfortunately, that is seldom case.

We all have changes going on in our lives. In fact, if we don’t change we end up as frustrated, rusted versions of who we are now.

I know, I know, you’re thinking, “Well, now ain’t all that bad.” I’m with ya. But, if life stays the same we humans get to a point at which we have a tendency to think, “Ok…is this it?”

There are two schools of thought about change: One group says, “Expect change to be difficult and work through it.” The other bunch answers, “If you expect it to be difficult it will be and it’ll be harder than it should be. Expect it to be smooth, and it will be.”

I’m for this attitude: Plan for challenges as much as you can, enjoy the easy parts, and simply understand that the discomfort is part of the ride.

I’ve got a couple of changes I’m feeling a little squirmy about right now. How about you?

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