Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ponies, Pennies and Stubbed Toes

Was in a hurry this morning when I left the house. Got 10 miles away and realized that I had forgotten my cellphone.

At this point in human evolution we don’t have our communications devices implanted in our heads (yes, it’s coming) so I had to make the decision to turn around and go back and get the phone.

Most of the way back I was beating myself up for being so dumb. However, not long after I headed back out with the phone I had an epiphany about a project I’m starting to work on. The idea could be so big that it would revolutionize the entire project, make it much more likely to be successful and help me create the finished product in half the time and at higher quality.

And yes, I might have come up with the idea anyway, even if the runaround issue hadn’t happened so that I ended up in the car and thinking for a longer period of time than usual.

But, I’m choosing to see the idea as a silver lining to my cloud of forgetfulness, the seed of success in a moment of failure, the pony in the pile of horse----….ok…you get it.

If you can condition yourself to look for the good in difficult situations you end up with lots more ideas and a less stressful life.

How have you stubbed your toe recently in life and, in looking down at your toe, you discovered a shiny new penny?

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  1. Have you remembered to update your cell phone?