Monday, October 8, 2012

Working In Tribute

A friend of a friend does Elvis impersonations.

Well, he doesn't call them impersonations or imitations...he calls them "tributes."

From what I've heard he's really good; so good that women of a certain age swoon at his...mmm...tribute.

So, here's the question: With whom have you worked who was professional enough, effective enough, good enough that you would want to work as a tribute to that person?

You can call them a role model or standard if you like.

If you've had someone like that in your life, you're fortunate. If you can't quickly think of someone keep trying. I'm betting there's been a teacher, coach, manager, co-worker, family member, friend or someone you've encountered who impressed you with their work ethic.

To whom would you work in tribute?

1 comment:

  1. Having such a person is a luxury for most. For the rest of us we must reach down for the strength to do it for ourselves. Once it is done the rewards are lasting. Do it for yourself and you will be rewarded richly.