Friday, November 2, 2012

A Perfect Workday

When you do what I do for a living you hope for audiences that are three things: smart, engaged and (at least for me) have a sense of humor.

Yesterday, I got all three in spades.

The three groups I presented for at the Workforce Development Conference in Greensboro were outstanding. Attendees offered thoughtful suggestions when asked, participated instead of just sitting there like meat sacks (that happens a lot in programs to which employees are told to come) and the back-row folks even good naturedly sang, “Happy Birthday,” to celebrants when asked. If you sit on the back row (a no-no) in one of my programs you have to sing something.

In short, yesterday was one of those days I pray for, an experience of The Perfect Workday: Great audience, PowerPoint worked, I remembered my lines.

If you could describe your Perfect Workday in three, positive words and/or phrases (forget the “I’m not here” silliness), what would they be?

Have a great weekend. Say a little prayer for the folks who got slammed by Hurricane Sandy. I'll see you Monday.

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