Monday, November 5, 2012

Boop! Boop! Boop! Backin' Up!

A 23-year old Florida woman was sunbathing recently when a friend backed his 4,500-pound Silverado over her head.

Brittany Taltos was asleep on her lawn. She said, “I woke up and half a tire was in my face. I thought I was going to die.”

Luckily, heavy rains had softened the ground so the tire pushed her head into the dirt.

I’m with ya Brittany!

After a tough work day it’s easy to have the “half a tire in the face” feeling.

Brittany also said that since the incident she just can’t get Willie Nelson’s song, “On the Road Again,” out of her mind.

Well…ok….she didn’t actually say that last part…I made that up. But, I’ve got to believe that alcohol had to have had at least a small part in this event for Brittany and her friend.

Think about it: This may be Monday but at least you didn’t wake up with a Goodyear tread mark on your forehead.

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