Friday, November 30, 2012

How Do You Spell "Fun"?

This morning I’m presenting an old favorite. I haven’t had a chance to present, “FUN Is Not a 4-Letter Word!” in quite awhile.

My basic point in the presentation is that as we get older it’s easy—with all the adult responsibilities, increasing aches and pains, and recognition of mortality—to forget that life is supposed to be about having some fun and doing some good.

It’s difficult to find fun sometimes. The recent election mess, Hurricane Sandy, the usual troubles in the Mid-East (and no, that’s not an athletic conference the ACC is stealing teams from), and  all the fiscal cliff yammering by media and politicians create an atmosphere in which it’s an uphill slog to see life as an experience in which we can have some fun.

But, truly, I think that as we drive through life we should blow the horn, turn the radio up loud and squeal the wheels as we turn every corner.

For a couple of years I hit some fairly difficult times but things are better now because I actively went out and made a point of looking for fun…and I found it.

Rarely does fun come knocking on your door and asking you out. You’ve got to walk out the door and out into the middle of the street looking for it. Sometimes you have to walk down the block and knock on fun’s door and ask it out. It’s all up to you.

I know this sounds harsh: I don’t want to hear your problems; the reasons you can’t have fun. I’m facing a ton of my own life challenges right now and I’m still having fun.

I can hear you right now, “But Mike, that’s you!”

No…that’s you.

Have a great weekend…do something fun!

See you Monday.


  1. Agreed! Bravo!
    How did you find your inner fun? Is it as simple as blowing your horn and turning up the tunes? Sound like a seminar....'Finding Your Inner Fun'

  2. Fun is a a carrier * spreader!