Monday, November 26, 2012

Today Starts the Sprint

Today is now dubbed Cyber Monday by retail businesses. That means it’s the day thousands of people sit at their computers at work and shop online instead of doing the work they put off last week while waiting for Thanksgiving.

For much longer than the Cyber Monday phenomenon today has been the start of what I call Sprint Month. It’s the end-of-year sprint to complete all those sales goals, projects, personal agendas and ideas that have been floundering or put off for the previous 11 months.

Sprint Month is reality staring you in the face.

So, how do you decide what needs to be done in Sprint Month? As Curly (actor Jack Palance) said in the movie City Slickers, “You’ve got to make the main thing the main thing.”

What is the one project or issue that helps you feel more secure; financially, emotionally, professionally, physically, spiritually or in relationships? That’s the main thing.

Now, what do you want the main thing to be like on December 31? If you can create a clear vision of the outcome you want on the last day of the year you can step back from the vision, the bull’s eye, and ask, “What would be the step just before completed the goal?” And then, what would be the step just before that? Keep working your way back until you get to where you are today.

The process is called reverse engineering. It’s a great way to plan the steps you need to complete to get to the goal.

Another method is to simply use a brainstorming exercise to list all the steps in no particular order, Then put the steps in a logical order.

Your first step, no matter what method you use, is to determine the main thing.

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  1. use an App, and there are many for iPhone & Droid for capturing all those fleeting ideas. Brainstorming is about capturing odds and sods and bits and pieces first.