Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wonderword and Looking at Life

Every Sunday I start working on the Wonderword puzzle. You probably have one in your newspaper.

Wonderword starts with a list of words relating to a specific topic such as “Going to the Zoo” or “Your Car,” and next to the list there’s a square framework with lots of what look like random letters in columns. But, as you look more closely you can find the words from the list vertically, horizontally, diagonally, and backwards.

Once you skim through and catch the easy finds you have to get more creative in how you discover the words. I’ve found that different people do the puzzle in different ways.

Some folks go straight through the list, in order. They don’t move on to the next word until they find the work they are looking for. Other people look for any word on the list by starting with the first letter and looking at the eight letters surrounding it. If there’s a letter that matches the second letter in the word they are seeking they check to see if the next letter after that matches what they need, and so on.

I have never completed the puzzle. I always get to the next Sunday with unfound words on the list.

Life can be like the Wonderword puzzle. Some of what you want is easy to find. You have to really work to reach other goals. Some of the goals will never be reached unless you have a list of really easy, simple goals…or you don’t have a list at all.

The great thing about life, though…if you have a positive outlook…is that each day you get a new puzzle, a new chance.

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  1. The goal is the road map, and the action is the journey. Looking at the results is merely a measurement. Enjoy the journey with top down & music blaring (sunglasses optional).