Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What Does Your Car Say?

A friend of mine, a manager in a good-sized organization, hires people on a regular basis.

He has an interesting interview technique. Usually the job he’s hiring for requires multiple interviews so he and his staff can get to know the person before offering the job.

As a final “interview” he’ll take them to lunch…and he’ll make up some excuse about his own transportation so they have to drive. He’s looking for two things: How they handle themselves out of an office environment, and what their car is like.

He’s not necessarily interested in the type of car they have. Although, he knows a hybrid/budget/luxury/soccer mom van/sportscar/truck kind of ride can say something about a person’s priorities.

He’s looking at how they neat, clean and well-kept the car might be. His take on all this is that if they have a car that looks like an episode of Hoarders they probably will have a work area that ends up looking like that and his experience has shown him that they could be a person who is disorganized in how they work and think.

We all have signs or tells, as poker players call them, that give indications about who we are and to what we give value. As I’ve noted before, if you look for what people spend their time and money on you’ll see what’s important to them.

What are your tells? In simple terms, what does your ride say about you?

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  1. What does it mean? Would you like the prestige & respect a $790 per month lease payment of a 750 BMW (penalty for mileage overage, so forget about those weekend jaunts to the beach) or the modesty of a paid off well maintained, say Buick or Toyota? Neat is to one man what user friendly is to another. Ride has become a status war of escalation, and sadly, has trapped millions of people in vehicle payments far beyond any usefulness, all a price of status.