Monday, December 3, 2012

What's Your Phase?

My devotional reading yesterday focused on the phases we all go through.

Good, bad, positive, negative, growth/stagnant/regressing, we all go through various phases in our lives.

No matter what the condition of the phase might be, usually we all keep moving.

(Although my brother did tell me once that I was stuck in 1972-73.)

If we don’t keep moving even a good phase eventually turns stagnant and regressive if we don’t learn new skills/attitudes/feelings.

We can go through different phases in different areas of life at the same time. I’ve often noticed that in three basic areas—work, relationships and physical—I can never get all three of them trending up at the same time. If work is going great I’m making money and can afford to do fun things in a relationship, but I’m spending so much time on the road and doing seminars that workouts (physical) aren’t doing well. If workouts are going great it probably means I have too much available time so I’m financially shaky. And, if relationships aren’t doing well the negative feelings impact the other two areas.

The key to moving through phases in a positive way is to ask yourself, “What’s going well in a specific area and how did I make that happen?” Can you take the same techniques and make them work in the problematic areas of life.

Here’s a good, quick example: Planning helps in any phase of life. Taking a little time to plan, even if the plan doesn’t work exactly as you would have hoped, helps you feel more in control and less like you’re wandering in the wilderness.

What phases, in what areas of life, are you moving into/through/out of right now?


  1. Crisis is a phase we can all anticipate, except for when. How best to prepare for the unexpected we all will have? If we all will have a crisis, and we will then is it unexpected?

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