Monday, January 21, 2013

The Greatest American

Yesterday on CBS Sunday Morning, author and talk show host Travis Smiley dubbed Martin Luther King, Jr., as “the greatest American this country has produced.”

In the interest of full disclosure Smiley noted before his comment that he has always idolized MLK.

Who do you believe has been, or is, The Greatest American?

If pressed for a quick answer I’d have to say Thomas Jefferson. I have a friend who offers Abraham Lincoln.

But, doesn’t it come down to your definition of Greatest?

What about the million-plus Americans who have given their lives in the service of the nation?

What about the other Founding Fathers?

Here’s one to think about: What if the Greatest American has been a civil servant who didn’t succumb to the slack stereotype, someone you and I would never know, and he or she worked in the General Accounting Office or the Department of Defense or the Agriculture Department and made decisions that had profound effects on the nation?

Greatest American. Whataya think?

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  1. Who would be the American you would select to start a civilization from scratch? A scientist, humanitarian, politician, male or female? The greatest American is the individual that has affected each person on an individual basis most, and probably not a famous person.