Monday, January 14, 2013

Uh, Oh...the Floor Is Moving!

Last week on the cruise I worked out a couple of times in the onboard gym.

It was pretty cool. The gym had big windows overlooking the bow so you could look out at the sea while running, riding and lifting.

However—at least at first—the rocking of the ship was pretty disconcerting.

I’ve never worked out in a gym where the floor—the gym itself—moved.

When I was using machines it was not so much of a problem. But, when I used dumbbells I had to be aware of the rocking movements and compensate.

After a little while I got used to the movement and found that it actually added an new element, balance, to the workout.

Life’s like that: We can focus all we want on specific issues but there’ll be all this other…stuff…popping up around us. And, if we focus just on the stuff it’s hard if not impossible to reach our goals.

We have to pay some attention to the distractions, but if that’s all we focus on the distractions become IT.

Believe me, no matter what your ship is it’s rockin’. Accept the movement, the distractions, as part of life and keep your eyes focused on the port to which you’re headed. You’ll find that after awhile you become acclimated to the distractions and they simply become part of the cruise through life.

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  1. Focus is more than what you want. Example: In drivers training it is taught that when people are in a reaction mode their conscious mind is lost to reaction or sub-consciousness. What does this mean? How many times have you seen a late night auto accident where the driver strikes a tree or pole 'dead-center' of the car when the tree or the pole was the only thing they cold have hit? This is because the driver's reaction mind has taken over and all he can do is focus on what he does not want to hit, and strikes the tree. His conscious mind works well, but his reaction mind can only focus on what not to hit causing his hands to lead him directly to the tree. Focus on goals must be beyond the conscious. It must be so ingrained that even your reaction and sub-conscious states of mind can keep you focused on the goal.