Friday, January 18, 2013

What If?

Once again, lots of folks lost their minds when a weatherman said the word, “Snow.”

My area did not get snow but some of the counties to the west and north received 1-3 inches. The news last night said that at 7 pm the police in our region were investigating a handful of auto accidents…by 11 pm they were investigating 32.

What is it about a little ice and snow? Do peoples’ brains start sending a message saying, “Be stupider. Drive faster. Panic.”?

A friend says that after a light snowfall she always has a couple of employees who call in and and say, “I can’t come in because I can’t get my car out of the driveway.” She thinks, “The roads are clear. Why didn’t you plan ahead and park it at the end of the driveway?”

(I won’t be the one to explain that they are lazy to begin with and don’t want to come to work and ANY reason to stay home is a good one.)

In short, they didn’t play the game, What If?

What If it snows and I need to get to work? What If I’m out of work and need some savings? What If I own a small business and sales are half of what I predicted? What If I own a small business and sales are twice what I expected?

We’re taught to play What If in drivers education classes. What If that car ahead stops abruptly? What If the car to my left turns in front of me?

What If is a simple game that allows us to plan ahead.

What If you tried it?

What If you had a great weekend? What would have to happen for that to occur?

Now, make it happen.

See you Monday. 

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  1. Snow days+North Carolina drivers = Amateur Hour
    Snow days+Atlanta drivers = American Idol try-outs