Monday, February 25, 2013

A Letter to the Future

On Friday I asked what you’d say if you could write a letter to the you of the past. What would you tell the younger you not to worry about? What would you tell him or her to focus on?

Now, what if you could write a letter to the you of the future, the you you’ll be in 10, 20, 30 years? You say you won’t be here in 30 years? How do you know? Folks are living longer and more healthily than ever. Are there some habits that might cut your time short that you should address right now?

What would you tell the future you about your hopes and dreams? Can you create realistic goals you could achieve today that would get you closer to making sure your dreams come true?

The great thing about the letter to the future is that you can do it, put it away and take it out when you’ve reached a future date. In fact, a wonderful exercise is to simply write a letter to yourself to be opened in one year, like a time capsule. You can put the letter and some items in a big envelope and store it for a year; or less, how about opening it on this coming New Year’s Eve?

All this letter writing is simply an exercise to get you to put your dreams on paper…there’s a magic to seeing your goals and dreams in black and white. You’ll be amazed at how many come true.

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