Thursday, February 14, 2013

What, Are You Blind?!!

A friend of mine is on an important committee for a famous museum in our area.

Last summer I was in the museum and noticed an artifact that, to say the least, troubled me.

No, it wasn’t anything sexually provocative or obscene, it was something that, considering the issues being faced by the institution with which the museum is connected, seemed wildly out of place.

Is my description obtuse enough? Ok, here’s the deal…there’s an item in the UNC Basketball Museum that, considering the academic/athletic issues the University is facing, seems out of place.

I reached out to my friend and asked why someone hadn’t removed or replaced the item considering the PR issues being faced.

My friend responded this morning that he believes it was simply an oversight. If true, this is a wonderful example of missing the trees because we only see the forest. We all get so used to our environment that, when it needs changing, we don’t notice….ever watch Hoarders?

Try looking at an area of your life through new eyes…better yet, get someone who’ll be honest with you to look at that area of life for you and get them to tell you what they see.

Years ago, in discussion with a good friend, I mentioned that I’d always been “stocky” (at least that’s what my mother called it). He said, “Well, maybe you were stocky at 12 years-old. But, you’re fat now.”

Thank you, Mr. Honesty…however, his comment got me back into the gym.

What have you gotten so comfortable about that you don’t see it now?

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