Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More, Give Me More to Do

When was the last time you asked for more responsibility?

It seems absurd to even ask the question.

The “normal” attitude about work seems to be to do the job, keep your head down and don’t be crazy enough to ask for more to do, more to think about or more for which you are responsible.

But, people DO want more money, more rewards, more “thank you’s” and more stuff.

Well, the way to get more of the good things is to ask for more of the difficult things. The more valuable you are the more you have the possibility of more rewards coming your way. If there truly is an American Way, that’s it.

And yes, there are some folks who are underpaid…teachers, law enforcement, nurses and, definitely, military personnel. For the most part, though, the people who seek those career paths do so not for the financial reward and the best of them seek and find rewards that fulfill them.

Ask for more to do, more for which you can be responsible for, more whom you might lead and the mere asking will shock your managers so much that you will stand out. Then, you have to live up to your request. If you can do that the rewards will be there.

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