Thursday, March 7, 2013

Trust and Takin' It To the Bank, Literally

When presenting to the Holt C Store folks I used a fun exercise to ask them about best and worst teachers. We posted large flip-chart pages on the walls and had the attendees list the qualities, values and skills they were impressed by in teachers they had had—positive and negative.

It just so happened that the last quality in the positive category turned out to be trustworthy. Then, when we had folks list the negative issues, the last quality mentioned was untrustworthy.

There have been some recent books and editorials in business magazines noting that the whole basis of the capitalist system is trust. I trust that what you are selling me will work and you trust that I will pay you for it.

Think about it. Trust is so important to us that the phrase, “In God We Trust,” is on the back of our money.

In the workplace, in our personal lives, trust is a key lubricant in positive relationships. Lack of trust is like sand in the gears of an engine.

Who do you trust in your life, and why? Who trusts you? Why? 

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