Monday, April 1, 2013

BS From the Mouths of Babes

Last week I had breakfast at Breadman’s, a popular eatery in Chapel Hill.

I was just diving into a cheese omelet when two students, a guy and a girl, were seated in the booth next to mine.

The girl was an attractive blonde. She had a wide, toothy smile that said her parents had probably bought a dentist somewhere a Mercedes.

The guy was a big kid who looked like he’d just rolled out of bed and he began reading a newspaper as soon as he sat down. He had a running commentary about what was going on in his life and rarely looked at the girl. I figured his style was based either on fear (being with a girl that cute might be new to him) or he knew the girl really well and didn’t care how he acted around her.

After a few minutes I decided it was the second reason because he was pretty foul-mouthed. I immediately thought about the line from The Staple Singers song, “Respect Yourself”

“Oh, you cuss around women
And you don't even know their names
And you dumb enough to think
That'll make you a big ol man

A few minutes later his cell phone rang and he answered it. After a quick (and loud) “Hello” he said, “I’ve had to step out of class to take this call.”

I immediately laughed out loud and he gave a surprised look as if he was hoping the party on the other end hadn’t heard the laugh.

From the conversation (at his volume it was impossible not to eavesdrop) it sounded like he was talking to someone about a job interview.

The look and sound of the kid had me thinking, “He’ll do great in the interview. He’s quick, personable and full of crap. If it’s a sales job he’s a lock.”

As I was walking out I thought, “Does this girl understand that if she calls him sometime and he tells her where he is he might not be telling her the truth? And, does he understand that BS may get him in the door but after that he’s going to have to produce?”

But, the thought that stopped me like a train when I got in the car was, “Forty years ago…that was me.”

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