Monday, April 29, 2013

Draw Your Day

What if someone slapped a big sheet of paper on the wall, gave you a handful of markers and told you to draw your day? What would you draw?

If you think the drawings created by a conference of county clerks from all over North Carolina would be simple, boring and one-dimensional you’d be wrong.

When I presented them with the art/work challenge in a two-day conference last week they drew everything from the fires of Hell to blood spurting from hearts to county commissioners wearing crowns and…ahem…unmentionable body parts.

In three words they were…off…the…chain!

Thirty-eight women and two men had some incredibly creative images of what their workdays look like.

A lot of these folks are the people you meet when you go to a county commissioners’ meeting, or file papers with a local or county municipality or have a question about how to register a complaint.

When people have an issue with their local government these folks are often the front line citizens encounter. I can’t imagine the patience it takes.

While I might have been the person leading the educational activities here’s what I learned: We might question the sanity of a lot of the politicians who represent us the people I met were smart, professional and doing their best to make sure we get treated fairly within the law.

However, don’t be a jerk or they’ll draw a picture of you…and it won’t be flattering.


  1. You were a delightful presenter! Glad we gave you fodder for your blog.....and thanks for not calling us out by name--real or otherwise! LOL!

  2. Mike - What an honor to meet you and be able to participate in your presentations. You were such a blessing and your seminar topics "ROCKED" our insides (meaning they gave us a lot of take-aways:)) It was AWSOME stuff!!
    Can't wait until the next time.

  3. Mike, I thoroughly enjoyed your sessions. It's always a blessing to be able to bring something back to the office that helps us both personally and professionally. You were awesome and you certainly kept us on our toes!

  4. Mike,
    Thanks for the thoughts to ponder about priorities, to do list to get them done, and celebrating the accomplishments! Thoroughly enjoyed our training and encouragement. Who would've thought our comments would have been so open and transparent! LOL It was great!