Monday, April 8, 2013

Get It Right the First Time

A friend has run into a customer service buzz saw with her phone/computer/cable company. She spent tons of time on the phone with CenturyLink (oops, did I let that slip?) on Saturday and Sunday trying to find out why no one showed up at her house as promised on Friday.

After multiple connections, interminable waits and lots of finger pointing from the media folks she discovered the problem. When she made the first call to set up the service the CenturyLink (dang! There it goes again!) employee on the other end took down an incorrect phone number.

So, when the media company explained that messages had been left it was discovered that they had been left at the wrong phone number.

Here’s something CenturyLink (it’s almost as if my fingers are typing this! wait, that’s what happens, isn’t it?) might want to think about: When a customer has a bad experience they will tell an average of 26 people over the course of the next year about the bad service. Even if they solve the problem to the customer’s benefit the customer will tell an average of 12 people about the mistake.

In a small town like my friend lives in that’s like gossiping in church; everyone knows it pretty quickly.

Miscommunication is expensive in terms of money, time, energy and reputation. Big companies don’t really care about one customer no matter what they tell you. It’s too expensive to care….oh, wait…what’s happening to JC Penney, and Kmart, and Sears?

Get it right the first time and the dissatisfied customers don’t start standing in line at the CenturyLink door.

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