Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Sure Miss the Goats

Last week a woman in one of my seminars was talking about ending a relationship she'd been in; the guy was a farmer.

She said, "You know, I sure miss those goats."

So often we find ourselves in situations in which we know we should move on--jobs, relationships, attitudes, habits--but there is something comfortable keeping us there.

In the Dan Jenkins book, Limo, one of the characters keeps trying to leave a bad marriage. But every time he's heading for the door, suitcase in hand, he has to walk through his den with his recliner, trophies and big television. He never makes it out the front door. When he thinks about the comfort he's leaving he turns and trudges back upstairs.

Like you, I've heard stories of decades-long marriages or careers that were saved by a single gesture or moment. Those make good stories but--and this could just be me--if you're going to hang your life on a relationship, career or issue there probably should be more to it than the fact that you liked the goats.

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