Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Slow Down to Remember

Yesterday a friend was telling me about how forgetful she’s been lately. I believe there’s a good reason.

Over the last few months she’s been dealing with a variety of stressors and I believe the changes and challenges she’s been facing are pulling her attention away from simple things like where she put her car keys (the average American spends 15 hours every year looking for car keys).

If you’re running into the same type of situation you might want to heed the suggestion I made to my friend: Slow down a little. Slow down and make a To-Do List. Slow down and make sure you put your car keys in the same place every night (put a bowl out and put your keys, money and other stuff in it…or, make sure they are in your purse if they aren’t in the ignition of your car). Slow down at the end of every day and ask, “Did I get the things done today I needed to do?” Slow down for a short time each morning and ask, “What do I need to make sure I get done today?”

If my phrase Slow Down worries you… “ ‘Cause, Mike, I’ve got too much to do to slow down!” I get it.

I’m not saying you should slow down to the point that it hurts your productivity or stresses you…just keep remembering the phrase I’ve used in the past, “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.”

Slowing down just a little bit at the right times keeps you on track, keeps you focused and keeps you from losing your car keys.

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