Thursday, May 9, 2013

Small Mind Virus

At the end of some of my seminars I tell people that champions suffer “No Small Minds.”

I mean high achievers understand there will always be small-minded people in life and you have to stay away from them. Small-mindedness is like a virus and if you’re not careful you can catch it.

Yesterday, I presented the same seminar twice, morning and afternoon. In both seminars I taught “No Small Minds” and in both of them someone asked, “Do you mean ‘No’ or ‘Know’?”

I’ve taught the “No Small Minds” point for over 15 years and no one had ever asked that question. Yesterday it happened in each seminar.

I don’t believe that occurrence is a coincidence. I believe it’s the Universe sending me a lesson to learn.

The discussions after the questions were asked were great. It came down to the facts that we should “Know” the small minds and small-mindedness for what they are, and we should suffer “No” small minds.

One of the best tactics for preventing small-mindedness in ourselves is to be open to the lessons being offered all around us.

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