Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer's Here!!

Hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend!

I don’t know about your unofficial start for summer but mine was great!

In addition to the lazy, white trash stuff I did I was able to get some projects started.

One of the most memorable experiences of the weekend was a conversation I had with a WWII vet. He talked about being on a troop ship headed to North Africa. In the middle of the Atlantic his group survived a torpedo attack and an air raid, the ship sank when it hit a mine at the entrance to the harbor they were sailing to, and then they flew through (friendly fire) flak when he was being air-transported to Sicily.

In my wildest dreams I can’t imagine those experiences…and he chatted about them like I’d talk about going to the grocery store. Truly, an amazing generation.

The conversation reinforced an important lesson. Have a goal and keep moving toward it. You may have to adjust your direction on a regular basis, and you’ll probably have to overcome some obstacles (probably not torpedoes, enemy fighters and mines, though) but if you’ll keep moving you’ll get there.

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