Monday, June 3, 2013

Hey Baby, Let's Take a Chance!

There’s a less-than-tactful tune that starts out, “Hey Baby, let’s take a chance!”….and I’ll pass on singing the rest of that line, if you don’t mind.

But, it seems that according to the Wall Street Journal and a slew of researchers, Americans aren’t as willing to take a chance as in the past.

Even in good times companies are adding jobs more slowly. We are less likely to invest in new ventures. Fewer Americans are willing to start businesses, or to change jobs or move for new opportunities.

Part of the reason is an aging population. We look more to security than taking a chance on succeeding in a new job/business.

The trends go against a long-held belief that Americans are risk-takers and willing to bet it all on a dream.

Here’s the upside, though: If you have a great idea and do your homework you’ll encounter less competition than you would have in the past. Pick a profitable niche too small for the big boys to care about and you might be able to find the win you’re looking for.

There will always be a bunch of us who just don’t want the 9-5, corporate life. So, it seems there are only a few, viable choices for us. We can keep moving from job to job, leaving when we get tired of the BS and routine that will always get the best of us. We can opt out of the corporate system and hope the government system will support us. Or, we can try something on our own, work hard at an idea we believe in and try to make the dream come true.

I’m for the last one. Let’s make something happen.

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