Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just How Old AM I?!!

Just how doggone old AM I?!!

This morning I was listening to an informational cd from the National Speakers Association.

A young woman was talking about using apps for time management and she said, “Or, you can use cards. Do you remember those little, paper, three-by-five index cards? They still work!”

Well, duh. I’ve got a stack of them in my office drawer and another in the driver’s side door pocket. I keep some in the chest pockets of my dress coats.

Here’s the thing about tools: If it works, use it.

Let’s take time management for example. If apps and iPads and the cloud work for you, great! If notecards and a legal pad and a pen work for you, have at it!

I’m not saying ignore new tools, we should all be aware of new tools that can help us do what we do better. But, if you’ve found a tool that works for you…wear it out.

And, don’t feel inferior when someone trots out the newest, shiniest toy.

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