Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Recently, I attended a seminar about how to use social media in marketing. I spent three hours in an almost perpetual Aha! state of mind. There were about a dozen moments in which I went from not even knowing a question existed to getting an answer to the question.

Moving yourself from ignorance (you don’t know that you don’t know) to awareness (you know that you don’t know) is almost always a good thing. Usually, the only way to do that is to expose yourself to experiences, people or situations with which you are unfamiliar.

The other two stages of knowledge are understanding (you know that you know) and second nature (you do it without thinking).

Educator Ken Robinson’s wonderful book, Finding Your Element, shows that over half the adults in the United States are satisfied with where they are in life…and that’s not meant as a good thing. His statistics show most folks are simply going through the motions—disengaged—with anything about life that isn’t simply dropped right in front of them.

A good question to ask is: Are you in that group? Are you pretty much satisfied that each day is the same; you go to work, do it, get paid, go home?

I’ve often heard the quote, “Life is not served by you living small.”

What did you learn yesterday? What would you like to learn today?

Wanna learn something you didn’t know…ok…here’s how it works: Do you know what the word “sesquipedalophobia” is?

Since it’s more than likely you’ve never seen the word sesquipedalophobia you’ve now gone from ignorance to awareness.

Now, simply put cut the word and paste it in your browser bar. Hit “Enter” and check a couple of the sources. At this point you’ve gone from awareness to understanding. Now, use the word five times today and you’ll have moved into second nature.

That’s how learning works.

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