Monday, June 10, 2013

The Money Breath

Ok, so it’s Monday and you’ve already started wading through a long list of emails, been to a couple of meetings, gotten a call from home about a family issue and realized that you left your cellphone on the counter at home. What can you do to slow things down a little and get a handle on the stress?

Why not try meditation…for only 5 minutes? Meditation can be one of best practices to help you get a handle on stress.

However, lots of us have trouble with the whole sitting still for hours chanting, “Ommm, Ommm, Ommm” or bending ourselves into pretzel shapes and imagining ourselves sitting cross-legged in an incensed-fragranced, rose-colored room with an Indian swami.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Spencer Sherman has come up with simpler way. Sherman, one of the cofounders of Abacus Wealth Partners, a Santa Monica, CA, financial management firm, teaches a type of meditative breathing technique, The Money Breath.

Here’s how it works: Sit in a relaxed position in your chair. Inhale for a three-count, hold your breath for a one-count and exhale for six-counts.

Focus your mind on the feeling and sound of your breath. If you find that other thoughts intrude simply recognize them and go back to focusing on your breathing.

You’re meditating!

Try to maintain the exercise for two minutes. When you feel comfortable stretch your time limit to five minutes. Keep working until you can perform the breathing meditation for fifteen minutes.

You can experience a range of benefits; a sense of relaxation, calmer feelings, clearer mind, more focus. Many spiritual guides encourage the practice as a way to connect with whatever Divine Reality you seek. Some practitioners experience lower blood pressure.

Sherman teaches the exercise to professionals who make financial decisions involving LARGE amounts of money.

Imagine your anxiety level if you were trading in millions of dollars. I don’t know about you but my pucker factor would be pretty high.

We all run into an extraordinary amount of stress in today’s world. Anything healthy that can help us get a handle on the stress is a good thing.

Try it.

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