Friday, July 5, 2013

Ben, the King of Happiness

One of the joys of July 4th was watching a major fireworks display with a 3-year old who had never seen fireworks before.

Ben excitedly ran in circles, clamped his hand over his ears, grabbed his britches, laughed, rolled in the grass, pointed, screamed…and never stopped smiling from ear to ear.

About five minutes into the display he exclaimed, “I LOVE FIREWORKS!”

The best moment of the evening, and absolutely one of the best of the day came at the ten minute mark. Ben threw his hands into the air, closed his eyes and yelled, “I AM SOOOOO HAPPY!!”

What if finding happiness is as easy as watching fireworks? Or enjoying a cold drink on a hot day? Or talking with friends? Or a long walk? Or a nap on a rainy day?

It can be.

The cover story for this week’s issue of Time magazine is “The Pursuit of Happiness.” A great weekend happiness exercise might be to track down the magazine and read the article.

You can see short summaries at

The gist of the segment comes in a Mark Twain quote, “Every man is a suffering-machine and a happiness-machine combined. The two functions work together harmoniously, with a fine and delicate precision, on the give-and-take principle.”

Give and take some happiness and have a great weekend!

See you Monday.

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