Monday, July 15, 2013

Is a Vacation Simply Work-Lite?

Today is my first day back from my first vacation of the year. I have some weeks in the next few months that I’ll be taking off, but the last two weeks have been the first good-sized chunks of time I haven’t been presenting seminars.

But, I don’t feel like I’ve been on vacation; at least I don’t feel like I think I’m supposed to feel, rested and ready to jump into new challenges.

I’ved ended up just like a lot of you. I feel anxious that I haven’t been working on the stuff that’s been flying around in my head.

For the last two weeks, whenever I had a work-oriented thought I’d say to myself, “Ok, you’re supposed to be on vacation so don’t think about work, think about something vacationy.” Then I’d go try and read some fiction or work out or drink a beer.

Sometimes I’d say, “Stop it!” out loud to try and get myself to listen, but it rarely worked.

I bet I’ve spent waaaaay over half my time thinking about work I have coming up.

In the past when I’d actually take a vacation and not do any work or work-related activities I’d have a very difficult time getting back up to speed when I got back to work.

So, it looks like it’s a trade-off. Either I vacation half-way and get some work/planning done (which I have to admit is fun since I love what I do) and realize I simply can’t take what folks describe as a “vacation,” or I simply realize that vacation time is kinda like work-lite. Sounds the same doesn’t it?

What’s your strategy, tactic or tip? How do you let go of work—or do you—and come back all refreshed and ready to jump on new challenges?

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