Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lil' Squash Blossom

Every morning when I get the paper one of the first things I read is the “Birthdays” section. It’s on the back of the front page and right above “Today In History,” another favorite.

While on vacation I’m spending more time than usual on the less serious parts of the paper and watching too much television.

In this morning’s paper I discovered that today is the birthday of rappers Lil’ Kim (38) and Lil’ Zane (31).

For all I know about rap the “Lil’” could be part of a name like “El” is for a lot of folks in the Mid-East. Out of curiosity I checked Wikipedia to learn about the two musicians and during my research I got to thinking, “Do I need a new name?”

“Lil’ Mike” sounds a little too…mmm...plain. “Lil’ Loudmouth from Lumberton” or “Chapel Hill Chatterbox” are too long and the whole, “Lil’” and “Loudmouth” just don’t seem to go together.

I could add “Lil’” to some of the things I’ve been called by various people in arguments of varying intensities but, well, some of those descriptions shouldn’t be used in public, much less in the media.

Then, a friend who’s trying her hand at gardening came up with a great combination that has a musical sound, is non-threatening, and could be used until I take the last train home (Lil’ Kim will sound kind of silly when she’s 80).

Lil’ Squash Blossom!

I know, I know, the silliness factor is pretty high, but that kinda fits. And hey, who doesn’t like squash and there’s a positive expectation about blossoming!

Look for Lil’ Squash Blossom T-shirts, coffee cups, key chains, phone apps, ringtones and bumper stickers. CD can be downloaded from

Now, enough with the silliness: In 1798, the United States Marine Corps was created.

First in. Last out.

We can’t say, “Thank You,” enough. 

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