Monday, July 29, 2013

Question Yourself

“We can only change, grow and improve in areas where we acknowledge that we need to improve.” John C. Maxwell

This morning I made the last of three follow-up calls to a group for which I did some management training.

In each case I offered, “Is there an area of your work you’d like to improve? Tell me what it is and I’ll track down some information that will help you.”

Three of the eight people in the group have taken me up on my offer and have received information that, if they implement it, will make them more successful, more professional and more valuable—more employable.

Now, think about that: What if someone called you and offered to be your information scout, to seek out information you could turn into knowledge that might make you more successful? You don’t have to pay them anything, the service is already paid for.

If I called you right now and made the same offer what would you tell me? Would you do as three people did and take me up on the offer? Or, would you do what five people did and say, “No, I’m fine.”

Too few of us are willing to do a self-examination and identify areas of improvement. And, of the few who are willing to identify areas that need improvement even fewer are willing to seek out the answers that strengthen the weaknesses.

Where do you need to improve? How can you do it?

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