Monday, July 22, 2013

The Rock

Spent the last five days in San Francisco and presented a change program for a group from Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals.

I can’t imagine a bigger change than going to prison.

We spent an afternoon on Alcatraz while in San Francisco and it was a sobering experience. The majority of the cells are 5’x9’, barely big enough for an average-sized man to do a pushup on the floor. Inmates got the basics; food, clothing, medical attention and a cell. Everything else was a privilege.

And the phrase, The Rock, is no simple label. Alcatraz is built on a rock island in San Francisco harbor. The wind blows wildly and constantly. In the middle of summer it’s cold and wet and although winters in San Francisco are relatively mild The Rock is still a nasty place to spend much time.

The guide told us that on New Year’s Eve the sounds of parties—music and people laughing—could be heard from across the bay.

Here’s my point: We all get down on ourselves for doing or not doing a variety of things in life. But…hey…you’re probably not going to prison for any of those things and you certainly aren’t going to Alcatraz…so, lighten up on yourself.

The best thing about Alcatraz…we could get on a boat and leave.

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