Monday, July 8, 2013

You'll LOVE This Week!!!

Here I was, waking up this morning and thinking, "Dang! The next holiday is Labor Day, almost two months away!"

Then, the wonderful folks at Chase's Calendar of Events (a site you should check on a regular basis) showed me that this week is NATIONAL NUDE RECREATION WEEK!!!

Yeah! Not only do we get to go skinny dipping but I can imagine skinny softball and volleyball, skinny bicycling, skinny movies...skinny McDonald's, skinny driving down I-95 and skinny going out to get the paper in the morning!

Well, that got out of hand, now didn't it?

Let's remember: Some ideas and activities sound a lot better than they are in reality. Imagine me in my birthday suit (don'tcha love that phrase?!) playing volleyball with some of the folks  you see on the "People of Wal-Mart" website. Eeeeyyewwww!

Everyone owning a gun, letting the poor fend for themselves and shooting your mouth off about politics without knowing what you're talking about sound good...but...

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