Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Want My MTV!

Thirty-two years ago today MTV was launched.

I remember sitting on a couch in my apartment watching video after video. It was a whole new way to experience music.

Today, music videos are nothing new. Like most media some of the videos are interesting, some are wastes of time and some are art. But, some days or nights I still catch myself watching video after video.

(Go to and watch Marc Broussard sing, Come In From the Cold and watch almost anything from Daryl’s House)

Is it entertaining? Some of the time.

Is it a waste of time? Almost all of the time.

What little (or big) habits have you gotten into that waste your time? They’re so comfortable you sometimes don’t see them as habits you see them as an indispensible part of your life.

I’m glad there’s an MTV and a CMT and a VH1. If there had never been any of those would I have missed them? Probably not.

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