Monday, August 19, 2013

Swinging Across America

On May 17,  Luke Bielawski, 24-year old law student from Indiana, teed off on the beach at Ventura, CA, and started golfing across America…because no one had ever done it. He estimated his “course” at 5,078,382 yards (2,928 miles).

Early this month he took his 46,805th and final stroke and hit a biodegradable golf ball into the Atlantic from the beach near The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island, SC. The round took Bielawski 93 days. Along the way he raised money for a variety of charities.

And, speaking of money, along the way lost 5,540 golf balls. If he had played Titleist V1x at $51.99 a dozen the balls would have cost $24,002.05.

I’m sure some of you had exactly the same thought I had when I read that number: I can think of a LOT of things I could use 24 grand for other than golf balls that I’d lose anyway.


Here’s the point, though: Bielawski hit golf balls across America because no one had ever done it and because he wanted to.

No other reasons were needed.

In fact, no reason other than he wanted to do it would be needed if that’s all it had been.

No one was hurt in Bielawski’s effort (although there are reports that he got into a confrontation with a long-distance runner who didn’t like it) and he wanted to do it.


What—no matter how ridiculous it might seem—would you like to do?

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