Thursday, August 15, 2013


While I was sure there was no such word as unbogging I was mistaken. In fact, if you go to and enter the phrase “Unbogging an Abrams tank” you’ll see some soldiers unbogging a 60-ton Abrams tank.

Unbogging means getting yourself out of a situation in which you’ve bogged down.

I’ve been bogged down in a project for a few months and just could NOT find a way to get moving again.

Then, I happened to take a few baby steps which led to making some progress. A few more baby steps and I was gaining traction.

I’m not back to full speed on the project but I am making progress every day and I can see some light.

We all get bogged down at times in various situations in life. If you’ll try a few baby steps the actions will—simply by virtue of definition—get you moving.

Get unbogged.

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