Tuesday, September 3, 2013

85 Days

Welcome back from Labor Day! Hope you had a safe and restful holiday...or, a wildly scary and wonderfully exciting holiday.

Now, wake up! Here’s the reality: We have 85 days until the next holiday, Thanksgiving.

Here’s the reason the math is important: 2013 is two-thirds over…done…fini…can't get it back…gone forever.

And what have you done with the previous two-thirds of the year?

While on a trip last week I asked myself, “Mike, the year is two thirds over and what have you accomplished? Are you any closer to reaching the goals you set at the first of the year? How close are you to making some of your ideas realities?”

I’m not sure I liked my answer. I’ve blistered through some goals and that tells me I need to set them a little higher. But, with a lot of other things I’ve let a range of obstacles, irritants, people, lack of resources (or, perceived lack), laziness, ignorance, injuries, more laziness and cosmic stumbling blocks slow me down.

Here’s the deal: We all have one-third of the year left in terms of days. But, you know how this works. Once it gets to Thanksgiving…then just around the corner is Christmas and New Year’s Eve and Day. So, what most of us do is start slowing down around Thanksgiving in order to enjoy the holidays and revel/wallow in whatever victories we’ve had during 2013…or, gloomily wallow in the recognition of our lack of accomplishment.

What will you do with the next 85 days? What will I do with the next 85 days?

Tick, tick, tick.

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