Friday, September 27, 2013

Make This Weekend the First One of a Great Season

Last night I was reading something about success by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, the Chicken Soup for the Soul guys.

The first point they make is that you have to know what you want. Then, you turn the desire into a goal and create steps to help you reach the goal.

Figuring out what you want can be a tuffy, though.

It’s easy to jump into the fantasies of I Want to Win the Lottery and have a marriage made in heaven with perfect children and win the Super Bowl and be able to tapdance.

Ok…the tapdance thing’s a little out there…but, you get my drift.

It’s nice to want all that stuff but when you get down to being specific the process requires some slowing down and thinking time. Most of us don’t like doing that because it takes effort.

But, stay with me: This is the first weekend of the fall, it’s beautiful…at least here in North Carolina…and this could be the weekend that changes it all for you if you’ll get started.

Here’s my suggestion: No matter where you are in life, take this weekend and ask yourself, “Where do I want to go in life?” Just roll that thought around in your head and see what you get.

And then, on Monday, if you’re completely happy with where you are, you’re great! If not, you’ll have some ideas about how to start moving in the direction you need to go.

Have a great weekend! See you Monday. 

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