Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Skimping on the Mac and Cheese

Yesterday, I had lunch at KFC. When I was a little boy in Lumberton, NC, I remember when KFC, or as we knew it at the time, Kentucky Fried Chicken, came to town. The franchise operated out of a trailer and fast food franchises were new to us so food ALREADY COOKED that Mama brought home was really cool!

Over the years the heavy breading drove me away but I always respected what Col. Harland Sanders created http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colonel_Sanders.

Now, KFC, in a nod to a more health-concious nation offers grilled chicken that is really good. In a less than health-concious nod to lunch I had grilled chicken, mac and cheese, and cole slaw.

As I was finishing my side dishes…or, maybe I should say, “side samples,” in a nod to portion size, I noticed that the small, plastic containers are made so the bottoms aren’t flat, they are convex…if you hold them and look into the container the bottom curves towards you. This means there is less room in the container for product. It means they are giving us less food.

I certainly understand it’s a trend that allows companies to make more profit. If you pick up an 8 oz. container (or what looks like one) of shampoo in the grocery store it won’t contain 8 oz., it contains 7.5 oz. They’re doing it to milk, salad dressing, you name it.

Lots of us do it at work. We leave a few minutes early, get there a few minutes late or take a few more minutes for lunch…almost every day. In new research about telecommuting many of the telecommuters confessed that they work fewer hours when working at home than they do if they are at the office.

KFC has passed through a number of corporate hands. It’s been a long time since the late-Col. Sanders ran the company. But, I’ve got to believe that if Harland Sanders ran KFC today they wouldn’t slight us on the mac and cheese and the cole slaw.

When you think about your work day, are you giving a full measure?

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