Thursday, September 5, 2013

Take It!

Just pulled my exercise bike out in front of the house and put a “Take It!” sign on it.

I decided that if I wasn’t going to use it maybe someone else could get some good from it.

I was motivated to make the move when I read that 700 airline attendants revealed that among the items air passengers have left on planes are a live parrot, a box of dried fish, a toupee, handcuffs and a glass eye.

Now, it could just be me, but I figured if someone can do without a glass eye and a toupee I can do without an exercise bike I don’t use, anyway.

I mean, I can understand the parrot, the dried fish and the handcuffs…those are optional kinds of items...well…maybe not the handcuffs, it just kind of depends of your interest…mmm…ok….maybe later on that one.

If you have stuff you don’t use, give it away, toss it, recycle/repurpose it, barter with it just get it out of your life and  you’ll have less clutter. Every year I try to get rid of books, CDs, magazines, clothes, furniture…lots of the stuff cluttering up my life.

And I still have too much stuff! I’m determined that when I die I’ll be buried in the few items I have in my closet and they’ll give away the rest of my stuff at the wake. Ha! Or, as in the 1964, Anthony Quinn movie, Zorba the Greek, my neighbors will run in my house and steal everything when they learn I’ve croaked.

Speaking of croaking…or choking…all 25,000 students who took an entrance exam for the University of Liberia failed the test. An official said, “They lacked enthusiasm.”

A live parrot’ll cure that.

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