Thursday, September 26, 2013

Uh, Oh....Another Quiz

I’ve always liked taking surveys, assessments and tests that show me who I am (or who the test said I was supposed to be).

The Greek philosopher Aristotle said self-knowledge is the best knowledge. He also said it's the hardest to gain.

I believe the more I know about myself the better I can manage myself. And, my fundamental belief is that unless you can prove to me that I get another ride through life I’m going to try and make the best of this one trip I have. Being able to better manage myself seems like the key to appreciating, enjoying and managing my one life experience.

Last night I was retaking the DiSC survey, an assessment I took over a decade ago; it’s one of the most popular behavioral assessments. A leadership group I’m teaching today will take it and I’m facilitating the exercise so I thought I should refresh my memory of it.

One of the best things about surveys and assessments of this type is the surprise factor. You read through the descriptions and think, “Yep, that’s me. Uh, huh, I’m like that.” Most of the time those thoughts have to do with the good stuff and the mildly questionable stuff.

But, when we read the descriptions that essentially say, “You’re not a nice person. Left to your own devices you’d be cutting your neighbors’ heads off and burying them in the back yard,” you think, “Well, jeepers! That’s not me!”

Maybe not. Or, maybe.

We’re never all of what we see in the surveys. Some of the stuff is spot on and other descriptions are so far off it’s as if they are describing another person.

And they are. We are lots of people, lots of options and lots of behaviors wrapped up in one package. The variety of experiences, our genetic makeup and the simple chemical combinations that rule our brains and bodies mean we’ll come out as a wild combination that equals a human.

However, having said all that…it’s not a bad idea to get a reading on some of the things we think, do, say and feel.

You can find free personality tests, leadership style surveys and relationship quizzes just by using those phrases to search the Internet.

Who am I? The answer might entertain, enlighten or frighten you.

The real question is: Who are You?

PS: If you're wondering how my survey turned out after more than a decade of living and growing since the last time I took's much the same as it was except the dominant characteristic--the personality type that wants to make people do what you demand--is even more dramatically a part of my personality. If you're one of my neighbors you might want to keep a back yard light on.

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