Monday, October 7, 2013

Incessant Babbling....But, It's a Good Thing!!

Peter Drucker would be proud of me. The late-writer and educator, known as the Father of Modern Management, said that knowledge workers, which most of us now are, must be our own chief executive officers. In today’s workplace, where many of us will work for 50 years for a variety of organizations and in a number of careers, we must make our own decisions when guiding our work lives.

Drucker was an advocate of understanding where our strengths lie. He also said that knowing how we perform—the essentials of how we learn, get along with others, and get tasks done—might be even more important than understanding our strengths.

So, with those thoughts in mind, last week I took a behavioral assessment as part of my plan to make some life and work changes.

Tests, surveys and assessments scare some people. Not me. Except for the Econ 31 final I slept through at UNC-Chapel Hill I’ve always liked taking tests; the pressure makes it fun and finding out what I know and where I stand is revealing.

In some areas the results of the survey I took reaffirmed some of my self-assessment. It showed that I’m a fast learner who is highly creative and can successfully juggle a number of projects within an erratic schedule. My scores showed that I enjoy working with others and am able to view “matters in a very patient, mature manner.” (that last part should stun some of those closest to me)

But, the results weren’t all blue birds and lemonade. Some scores showed that I tend to be a little too forceful if things aren’t going the way I believe they should. I need to learn better planning and scheduling skills. My favorite negative result came in the area of Sociability; results showed me to be too talkative. (I’m sure those closest to me will NOT be stunned by that) In fact, the survey said I probably tended to ramble on at times to the point of rattling on incessantly. (this is the point those closest to me are pointing at the screen, nodding their heads and saying, “well….yeah!”)

Assessments of these types have to be taken with a grain of salt. We are never as good or as gross as we believe we are, or as a test shows. But, if you can take the results as suggestions to improve weak areas and increase your strengths it’s possible to make a jump to another level of accomplishment and success.

If you haven’t taken a behavioral assessment in a while, or if you’ve never taken one, you should. We all need affirmations and revelations if we are to move through life successfully.

One more thing; the survey said I was rich, tall, handsome and could tap dance.

Not really, I faked the part about being able to tap dance.

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