Friday, October 25, 2013

O Beautiful, For....Uh Oh

Last night, singer James Taylor flubbed the first few words of the Star Spangled Banner. He started singing “America the Beautiful” and then eased into the national anthem.

News outlets have jumped on the moment as a story for a whole range of reasons; Taylor’s fame, the spotlight of the moment, the game, the importance of the national anthem.

What reporters aren’t saying is that Taylor is 65 years-old and the slip seemed like a simple senior moment. Lots of us are having senior moments here and there in our lives. I’m 61 and I’m running into little blips like lots of folks.

As prominent as Baby Boomers are in our society we’re going to see more moments like Taylor’s flub. While they can be a little embarrassing they are normal.

Let’s cut Taylor some slack on his misstep and let’s cut ourselves some slack for our little trip-ups.

Have a great weekend…Fall is here!!!

See you Monday.

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