Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Stuff or No Stuff

Last weekend I saw a survey that said older people…I know, I know, I’m getting there…near the ends of their lives, rarely look back and talk about stuff. They almost always talk about experiences.

So, it wasn’t the cars or boats, houses or condos, or golf clubs or swimming pools they were proud of or enjoyed. It was the trips they took, life they enjoyed in those homes or fun they had in recreation.

You can spend your life getting stuff…and yes, I understand that the stuff can add or detract from your quality of life, but stay with me on this…or you can spend most of your life doing life.

Try this…go to lunch today with someone…don’t take a lot of time thinking of who it should be other than choosing someone who isn’t negative all the time. Just make a call or walk down the hall and ask and go; find somewhere simple and easy. Don’t go to a lot of trouble finding a place to have lunch. Order something simple. Don’t spend a lot of time perusing the menu.

Now, experience and enjoy the other person. Don’t talk about work. Ask them this question, “What’s the last thing you did that was fun?” You’ll get a range of answers. Pay attention.

The idea is to enjoy the encounter. Two people enjoying being together. That’s what life is supposed to be about.

Years from now those golf clubs I have stuck in my trunk won’t say, “Dang! Mike rarely took me out for a walk.”

‘Course that’s a point in itself, now isn’t it?

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