Thursday, October 31, 2013

Take a Shower for Your Head

Ok, so I’m in the shower the other morning and I get a GREAT idea!

As a male I’ve probably spent waaaaay too much time in the shower in my life, but my point is that the shower can be a great place to generate ideas.


Because it’s a unique environment; where else in your life do you have the sound and feel of the water showering down?  And yes, you’re naked….well, usually…I’ve taken too many showers with clothes on but those are stories involving tequila and trying to do things you’d see in one of the “Fail” videos on youtube.

Being in a different environment or putting yourself in a position in which you feel differently can be a great idea generator.

My simple questions are: Where/when are you most creative? Where/when do you get some of your best ideas?

If you’ll ask those simple questions you’ll usually discover that there are some commonalities. Maybe the shower is a great creative environment for you or it could be a walk, or riding your bike, or the beach, or in that gray area just as you’re waking up, or with friends.

It could be in a more structured environment in which you and coworkers lock yourself in a conference room with a whiteboard, markers and 10 pounds of Snickers.

I get great workout ideas simply by walking around in a gym, looking at equipment, and thinking, “What if I did this?”

We all need ideas in order to move our lives forward. We need ideas for life areas such as work, play, fitness, spirit and financial.

Take a walk. Take a shower. See what happens….and don’t use all the hot water!!!!

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