Monday, October 21, 2013

They Saw It, Too

This morning the sky was finally a glorious blue, not a cloud to be seen. What’s the old joke people tell when it’s been cloudy and rainy for so long and finally the sun comes out, “What’s that ball of fire in the sky?”

It was one of those mornings in which the moon was also out.

So often, when I see the moon, I’m amazed that it’s the exact same moon seen by almost every other person who’s ever lived. While Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder might not have seen the moon George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, Jesus and Muhammad, Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong, and Thomas Edison and Sir Isaac Newton all saw EXACTLY the same moon we see.

Much of life is like that; we all have some of the same joys and victories, sadnesses and failures, hurts and pleasures.

If you’re running into a challenge I can promise you it won’t be difficult to find someone who has experienced and overcome the same challenge, all you have to do is look around. They may be sitting next to you at work or they’re in line with you at Starbucks or their story is online or sitting on a bookshelf.

Like many of you I’m facing a variety of challenges both joyful and painful. What I’m discovering is that as long as I stay open to information and answers it seems that they come to me from all directions; all I have to do is be observant.

If you get a chance this week check out the moon, it’s easily found…just like the answers we need.

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